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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Middle-East: Practical Solution or Biblical Stalemate

Israel-Palestine Conflict
A problem as primitive as civilization we know,
Where humanity has lost civility sure & slow.

With medieval maps spawned by imperialism still masquerading as evidence,
Two of One God’s Children fight it out while the world can only offer pretense.

Mortars and rockets has muzzled the anguish and stymied the prayer,
Where the mighty rain fire on innocents when the culprits hide in their layer.

Love Can Achieve More Than Hate

Talks carry on when humanity fills the street with stories of soulless gore,
Where the powerful protect, the weak destroy, & press inks its horrendous folklore.

Although the existence of either can never be debated or denied,
Between a hidden monster & a blatant demon, peace has been brutalized & defiled.

The Middle-East Tragedy
With the bodies piling up and no end to the killings in sight on either side,
Why are the culprits still deciding the fate of those who can only cower and hide?

Are we a generation too nascent for a tussle that is too biblical to be practical,
Is the blessed land destined to be the domain of the unfortunate and miserable?


Don’t rest assured as if we have time of plenty in a conflict spanning millennia,
The world has seen enough dismay to realize there is no hiding from the irony of this godless mania.  

Slowly but surely the voice of reason are being drowned out by the hard-line evil,
It is time for the world to stand up and be counted or forever be shamed for being too feeble.

A Game of Epic Proportion
 I for one do accept my limitations in suggesting recourse for Palestine, Israel or both,
Yet we need to stand up and be counted no matter the criticism that hurt or the eyes that loathe.

It is getting harder to put people before the fact without taking a side,
Whilst our efforts for peace & love may fail, take pride for you and I at least tried.

No point in washing our hands as if it were an issue too far and too old,
It just could be our story that is currently being foretold.

Death on Both Sides

Friday, May 30, 2014

Malls – A tribute to the new relics

Why Malls?

During my sojourns around Mumbai, visiting a new mall has always been reminiscent to some other orthodox folk trying out a new restaurant. Although being a total novice to architecture and civil engineering, for a lack of a better word – which again - proves by greenhorn credentials, it is the history and emotions of structures that have always attracted me to them.

Why Now?

After having come to terms with the fact that I am a ‘mall-hopper’….through leisure, necessity, & work - even if I chose to believe it or not – as any writer who desires to keep the words from drying for having been reticent too long – I also believe malls deserves it places in what I have chosen to ink down thus far– which although not colossally rampant, continues to wrests its place in cyberspace – SEO or no SEO.

You Shall Not Wander…

So quickly moving on before I wander and make this sentence too long as well …..

Loose Premise

Be it a date or a get-together with friends, we more often than not; decide on the mall first and the hangout later – or am I only one? There are as much check-in for malls as there are for more illustrious monuments we are endowed with from periods where details was more art than accurate.

Tenured Titans

However, it is easy to ignore in the wake of the glitz and glory of these new malls – the ones that stands proudly enticing and greetings visitors to the one on its way to being a beacon of the locality of its standing – the poor fate of the decapitated malls that have long since exhausted what novelty it had to offer or is clinging to a glory that’s fast fading. These tenured souls stand vigil in a rearguard in a losing cause amidst the threat an occupation of brick, mortar and steel, that could come marauding through any time, and any glamour there remains, is more cosmetic than merit.

It is easy to romanticize of these fading behemoths as relics that stand stoic in its aura, but the fact of the matter is, there is more value in decimating and building over than holding onto them in case it catches someone’s fancy – for they are merely occupying space in a city that craves it like no other. It is ironic to think that many of these malls arose from the unfortunate mills that dotted the city of Mumbai, but as the cliché goes; only change is constant, as one old bastion is replaced by a new force.

End Too Obvious

Although I realize that some of these malls have defaulted on their sell by dates, I – and I am sure other like them – do frequent them for it holds emotional value – while some others hoping to be the last stroke on an epitaph that is imminent.

A variety of factors has contributed to these malls fading away quicker than expected. Some were not planned well enough and were a result of mad rush to build as quickly as possible without any semblance of prudence being given a chance. Other reason has been the mismanagement between the builders and the society – or the lack of it – that have resulted in the premises not being business friendly – resulting in collapsing infrastructure, bad press and word of mouth, summiting to an accelerated demise to the abyss – hyperbole intended – writer feels strongly about it as he also owns a property in a mall.    

Some of the more famous ones who range from being ignored to the shambolic, to the ‘still hopeful’ to the completely botched, including - Nirmal Lifestyle, Mulund, who still has some time to go but is a shadow of the glitz it oozed, to Eternity Mall, Thane, which once used to considered the pride of its locality but is now a ghost to its own prestige that has long since passed by, to Dreams The Mall in Bhandup, which still holds potential but could have been so much more, speaks volumes to what these malls once were, and maybe, just maybe, what could still be. There are many other I could call to my aid to prove my point, but silently seek aid for themselves.


Solace, if any that could be taken out of the imminent fall of these mega structures is that new malls that are coming up will have a better chance of fulfilling its purpose if there are less diversions to mall-hoppers like me – who are driven by more emotions than solid reasons.


The truth remains that some of these malls have been among the forbearers to some of the most drastic changes in the city during many of our lifetimes, and have been a big part of what outdoor activity….or the illusion of it - has been for me and many others.

When these relics do call it quits, let it be with grace and not play out a BMC demolition from a sad movie, and may it be a start of something that is only better than what it was and nothing less.

Could have notched up more but I know you making it thus far is a miracle for a lesser writer like me. Thanks for reading. Do share with me what you think of the malls too – the new, the bad, and the surviving. 

Till then – keep hopping.

Thanks - The Mall-Hopper

Friday, May 3, 2013