Sunday, June 5, 2016

World Environment Day 2016 : Theme - Fight Against the Illegal Trade in Wildlife

The future of all the beautiful animals in the world is in our hands. On the day of Environment Day, let's make sure they have a beautiful future too and say no to the illegal trade in wildlife.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, let's dedicate ourselves to Save Oil & Support life. Join Team Arabian Petroleum in this endeavour as it is only when we take care of the environment, along with everything it provides to sustain humanity, can our future be truly secure & prosperous. Have a great World Environment Day everyone, and remember, Save Oil & Support life.
This World Environment Day, let's fight against the illegal trade in wildlife. The magnificence of our nature deserves to be free and not shackled & abused by greed and evil. With the extinction of every species, humanity and environment dies a little too. Let's protect one and all of nature's marvellous creations.

In this Game of Thrones & Trophies, Annihilations of Species is the Real Shocking Certainty. This Environment Day, let's commit ourselves to fight against the illegal trade in wildlife and protect our environment.

The Splendour of the Environment & Its Wondrous Animals Are... NOT FOR SALE.  This Environment Day let's lend our support to the fight against the illegal trade in wildlife to protect and preserve the environment that's all too precious for our future too.

This is definitely a race we don't want them to finish - the race to extinction. This World Environment Day, let's commit ourselves to do all we can to protect, revive and secure the future of our nature and all the creatures and animals that call it home, just like we do. It's time we act before it's too late, before some of the most marvellous part of nature disappear and are all but memory.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Happy Birthday My Sister...

Oh my dear Sister you are a true wonder of splendour,
A beautiful heart, a beautiful soul, that's both steely and tender.
You are a true mender of the broken and a pillar of strength to us all,
You are our motivation, making sure we resume stronger just before we are about to stall.

You are our science and our width,
Our geography, history and our life’s length and breadth.
You have taught me so much sister without knowing,
You have guided me throughout even without saying.

Although I am too lazy to believe in the divine and keep delaying,
But I still take comfort in the fact, that for me, my lil sister is still praying.
Although you have achieved much and already made us proud,
We still want you to keep achieving the greatest and embrace the cloud.

You have always been more mature although you were little,
Guiding us through times that were tough and brittle.
With you around life is so simple and always a pleasure,
You are clean by heart and your love without any measure.

We fight, we play, but you are constantly there by my side,
We have been to places and back together and it’s been a wonderful ride.
But don't let the limitations of the mundane hold you back and hinder your stride.

You have always been smarter and understand the world's mysteries more than me,
I still would like you to keep rising above the normal and keep bringing the naysayers to their knee.
Today is your birthday sister and I would give the world if I could,
I will make good on all promises and I am sure you trust me I would.

Have a great day sister and I wish that all your dreams come true and are surpassed,
May God Bless you with all in his power so kind, so blissful and so endlessly vast.
It's a mixed feeling as today we are separated by a sea of the water, papers & laws,
But I am sure our love for each will remain like no other, no matter the claws, cause or clause.

Just remember you are the greatest, the finest, and the gloriously mighty
I am sure you will always be happy as you remain the favourite of everyone, including the almighty.
Can't wait to see you again my darling sis,
Till then be blessed with all the bliss.

Happy Birthday Dear! Take Care and God Bless. Love You Sonu!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Maharashtra Day 2016 - Creatives & DesignsMaharashtra - Our Home, Our Pride. Team Rutu City wishes you all a very Happy Maharashtra Day.

Maharashtra - Our Home, Our Pride. Wishes you all a very Happy Maharashtra Day.
Wish you a very Happy Maharashtra Day. Let's care for, love, and preserve Maharashtra as our beloved home. Have a great Maharashtra Day everyone.

Unity in Diversity remains our greatest strength. On the special day of Maharashtra Day, let's celebrate and reaffirm our faith in Greatness in Togetherness. Happy Maharashtra Day everyone.
Go make it special.

This Maharashtra Day let's commit ourselves to do everything we can to conserve and preserve water as saving water is saving life. Have a great day ahead.

On this hallowed day, let's commit ourselves to support, protect and alleviate the sufferings of our farmers in Maharashtra and across India, and care for them as much as they have been caring for us by helping to nourish and keep us healthy.
It's time we share their burden and take responsibility for their plight and together take meaningful and tangible steps to uplift, strengthen, and sustain genuine progress for our farmers.
Happy Maharashtra Din to you all again. Let's devote it to our farmers.

Mother's Day Creatives & Designs

All said and done, no home feels a home without mothers.
  Make sure to make it as special as you can.

"You are the light in our darkness, you are the best way every step of the way - Thank You Mother"
Go make this special day all the more special for the most special person in our lives.

    Our Tribute To The Greatest Love On Earth - Mother & Mother Nature.

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The reason our first memory is often the best we ever have - Happy Mother's Day. It is truly love at first sight. Go make this Mother's Day truly divine.

                         Fate is what Mothers think best for us, destiny her will, successes her prayers, and  triumph her blessings - Happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Eid Mubarak 2016

Eid Mubarak 

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak 

Eid Mubarak 

Eid Mubarak 

2nd October - Gandhi Jayanti & International Day of Non-Violence

Gandhi Jayanti & International Day of Non-Violence

Gandhi Jayanti & International Day of Non-Violence

Gandhi Jayanti & International Day of Non-Violence

Gandhi Jayanti & International Day of Non-Violence

Gandhi Jayanti & International Day of Non-Violence

Gandhi Jayanti & International Day of Non-Violence

Women's Day 2016

Women's Day

Women's Day

Women's Day

Women's Day

Women's Day

Women's Day

Women's Day

Friday, March 18, 2016

Campaign Case Study of Punjab Da Pind

Brand: Punjab Da Pind, Mangalore
Client: The Mini Punjab Group & KBC - JV
Agency: ShyBuzz
Role: Brand Consultant & Creative Agency
Deliverables: Branding & Corporate Identity - Logo, Mascot, Packaging, Marketing Collaterals, Information Design, Marketing Communiqués, Hoarding & Print Ads, Menus, Emailers, Media Wall etc.

About Punjab Da Pind, Mangalore

The Mini Punjab Group, in its pursuit to continue to set the standard in food and hospitality across India was set to launch its first restaurant in Mangalore with its signature dishes and unique recipes that have made Mini Punjab a tradition in itself in the culinary domain.

A favourite for decades among food enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, Mini Punjab's Pind was to carry forward its proud legacy with its delicious flavours, handpicked fresh ingredients, ethnic ambiance, sophisticated & chic interiors, coming together for a special unison of unmatched delicacies and peerless service in Mangalore, which had its own rich and celebration culinary tradition.

Pind in Punjabi means village, and it was the same experience that brand wanted to create, while offering all the leisure and sophistication associated with a fine dine restaurant. The ambiance that Pind wanted to create was that of being comfortably nestled in the scenic setting of a village, while being enthralled by the grand menu of delicious preparations from every culinary parlance, served by seasoned staff in top of line cutleries that combined professionalism with tradition.

Briefunda - To ideate and create a unique brand identity and brand image for a themed restaurant in Mangalore - Punjab Da Pind - inspired by the very successful Mini Punjab Group of restaurants in Mumbai, yet showcasing its own flavour that embodies and inculcates the culinary riches of Mangalore and South India as a whole. The brand communication was intended to be a balance between the best of North & South, with a feel and taste that is unique in its own sense yet has an emotional connect with the patrons, reflecting the richness, energy, and pleasantness of both the great lands of India through a special synergy.


ShyIdea – The logo was always intended to be as simple as it can be, yet reflected the cultural richness of the food and ambiance it represented. It had to convey the deliciousness and tradition behind the idea that is Punjab Da Pind, yet not be antithetical to the spirit it stood for, be it with the font, colour or elements it contained.

BuzzEcution -   The logo featured the classical symbol of Punjab, and for that matter, entire India, the grain. It celebrated the proudly agrarian legacy of India and manifested the fine culinary tradition across the land. The font type and colour was minimalist inspired without it being ultra modern and flashily or too contemporary, that goes against the brand image we had etched for it.


ShyIdea - ShyBuzz team proposed to the client that the easiest and the most direct way to imbibe all the different elements of the brief would to be come up with a Mascot that reflects all that’s good and unique about the brand. It will be a connect that brings the greatness of both the lands together and stand for everything that bliss and sublime we are trying to create in Punjab Da Pind.

BuzzEcution -   The mascot was inspired by the iconic Punjabi bhangra pose yet subtly insinuated the local culture that instantly struck a chord with visitors all across India, be it the locals or visitors from across the nation. The mascot was soon the driving force of our communication initiative alongside the logo.

Parcel Packaging & Delivery Bag

ShyIdea - Right from the outset the packaging was always envisioned to be something not the run-of-the-mill and needed to be among the flagship brand communication element of Punjab Da Pind. It needed to represent all that made the brand different while facilitating positive brand recall and recognition.

BuzzEcution – Team ShyBuzz decided to use the mascot as the centrepiece of the packaging as so far it had resonated well with the visitors, both offline and online. The colours used were vibrant yet stayed true to the brand colour. It featured a clever use of the actual time where the package is delivered with a smart use of the mascot, customer, the delivery vehicle, delivery point etc, which although seems too much to be harmonious, but ultimately came together for a truly attractive packaging & bag ensemble for Punjab Da Pind.

Menus, Hoardings, Emailers, Flyers, Standee, Event Coupons

ShyIdea – Every marketing collateral and information design, including menus, hoardings, emailers, flyers, standee, event promotional material & coupons, had to unequivocally retain all the brand essentials yet standout in its own unique way, adding and augmenting the brand message and brand equity.

BuzzEcution – Every facet of the creatives, be it for any deliverable, was meticulously ideated and cerebrated upon. When you consider each creatives in its entirety and in detail, it is easy to become cognisant of the fact that although that like any marketing material or communication, the focal point and attraction of the message is better hammered in, but we felt it also needs to be unique in its own way so it wouldn’t seem repetitive and encumbering.


The entire Punjab Da Pind project from start to finish was always a pleasure of plenty. It was a very fulfilling and satiating endeavour that was rewarding and satisfying on all possible fronts. However, the single greatest delight that Team ShyBuzz took from the project was the great success the pre and post launch of the restaurant turned out to be. The way it caught the attention of connoisseurs, critics and the visiting general public at large gave us a sense of pride and a feeling of achievement that is unparalleled. As we speak, the restaurant is continuing to outperform with no limits to where it could go and what limits it surpasses on its way towards culinary glory.

We consider our association with Punjab Da Pind is only at the nascent stage and we still feel we have a lot to offer the brand and an enterprise that holds utmost promise and possibilities.

Keep an eye out on your neighbourhood, there could be a Punjab Da Pind coming your way any time soon. Cheers to that!!! Till then have a delicious time ahead. Bon appétit.